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Foolish Beginnings

Some believe that April Fool Pranks originated back in the day of the Druids where priests were trying to ward off evil spirits during the planting season however, April Fools Day, sometimes called All Fools Day, is the day of unknown origin. Yet, Internationally, it is celebrated and is known as the day set aside for good hearted pranks, jokes, hoaxes, and giggles.

April Fool's Jokes and Pranks

Generally speaking the day is spent trying to get people to believe in falsehoods or otherwise run a "fools" errand or unnecessary action.

Good "fooler's" take advantage and try to get their victim early as possible so that they don't realize they are being fooled. Prepare well and try to plan your day trying to get people to believe in falsehoods or otherwise run a "fools" errand or unnecessary action.

2009 - Fool's in Action

A must check out - Expedia flight to Mars! Take advantage of their "No Booking Fees" promotion save $3,000,000,000,000 so that you can fly to Mars from only $99. In case they take down the ad on their homepage, check out Expedia's No Interplanetary Booking Fees information page that includes a youtube video, links to hotels, and a list of activities, all the info you ned to book your flight and enjoy your stay. Hats off to you Expedia!

It's not too late, especially if you are still looking for that perfect prank to pull off today - we have a funny, simple suggestion - it's one of those oldie but goodie pranks but with a modern twist. Free applications are available for your iPhones and iTouch apps at the iTunes or Apple Store : iFart Moble. Search for Atomic Fart, Excuse Me: Farts or the Remote Sound Box - Farts and dont forget to get the Whoopi Cushion - Most are free to download and all are amazingly, very popular. Oh what fun ....

Here's another good site where you can get creative. Check out creativity-portal to make some printable jokes and practical pranking. I had to chuckle at their CreativiTea: Mornin' Stormin and Earl Grey Matter. Be sure to order some : Mirecle CreativiTea: Creativity Enhancing Tea

April Fool's pranks should always be another way of saying that you care and admit it - a good prank is fun.


Best April Fool Day Pranks

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Opera's SoundWave Technology

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