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Safe April Fool Food Pranks

Food Fun for April Fools Day

My mom was good at playing silly food tricks - harmless as they are, still some are quite disgusting!

Crazy Breakfast

An eye opening morning - mom would often trick us with green food die in the milk, serve vinegar for apple juice, put string in the pudding, substitute mayonnaise for yogurt, put salt in the sugar bowl... it's definitely puts you in the mood for April Fools Day

Don't Cut the Cake

Mom, ya gotta love her
Decorate a sponge with icing, whipped cream, decorations so it resembles a cake. Leave this handy work in on the counter, on the table, just so that your target-victim just can't resist the temptation. Sit back and watch them try t o cut that cake

Dirt Cake

The kids get a kick when I make dirt cake because it's "eeww! so gross mom" but they eat it up every time. I found a wormy dirt cake recipe, there's lots of variations: Search the internet to see them all, it's easy to find.

Crazy Kazoo

This one is sure to drive some crazy-up the drive-thru experience. Often we cannot hear the order taker respond after giving an order, so try this - place your order while using a kazoo.


A total time-waster but harmless. Take a bunch of paper cups and fill them about half-full of water. Put these cups on someone's desk, like about 20+ or more.. If you have enough volunteers, it wouldn't take much time to set up, but definitely much more time to pour them all out. Make sure there aren't any computers or electrical devices on the desk.

Fun with Food-Coloring

Methylene blue is harmless but passes thru the ole' body system leaving its color behind. Add a couple of drops into a dark beverage like coffee, coca cola, tea...whatever. The next time this person has to use the bathroom, they will have quite the surprise -- blue urine!

Strange Walnut Surprise

Open up a walnut along its seem being very careful to not break it. Then put odd items inside, like peas, sunflower seeds, rocks, whatever else you can fit in and then close back up using a touch of super glue so it seals well and is unnoticed. When your victim opens the walnut , they will be surprised and will wonder how a gummy worm or dried peas got inside.

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